The Cyber Art of Burak Arıkan

Born in Istanbul in 1976, Burak Arıkan is a pioneer on Turkey’s contemporary art scene. Arıkan has studied at Istanbul’s Bilgi University and at the MIT in the USA. His works, which span software programming, electronics, networks and maps, are at the crossroads of the digital and the real world. They are exhibited online and shown in Turkey and abroad. 


“META-MARKETS is a social valuation of your online profile, sort of like a people stock market. If you have many friends, you are worth a lot and you can earn more than if you have only a few friends. The idea behind the work is that platforms like Twitter or Facebook earn money while the ones actually providing content are the people. In another connected project called USER LABOR, we tried to measure people’s values in the online world, depending on different web-based parameters.”

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